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This band of musicians’ mission is to use the power of their music to manifest positive change.

Uprising Roots Band is in the upper room of Reggae!


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Uprising Roots Band

Formed in 2006, Uprising Roots are among the veterans of the new movement of Jamaican bands returning to roots & culture. Among the big names to have encouraged them from the start are the guitarist Chinna Smith and the late Sugar Minott, for whom they performed on various occasions as a backing band. Due to their versatility as artists they also worked as a support band for Gyptian. All the members of the band, which hails from Rockfort, have previous musical experience: the drummer and vocalist Rashawn ‘Kush’ McAnuff for example, started performing in the concerts of his father, the well known Winston McAnuff. In 2011 they released their debut “Skyfiya”, shortly before their studio was almost completely destroyed in a fire. After their studio was rebuilt, Uprising Roots recorded a new work, “Black to I Roots”

Ascending like the Sky fire (sun) in the East, The Uprising Roots is borne out of Rockfort, East Kingston. Rising up with an assertive musical defiance, to bring forth a positive progressive change amongst humanity. This band of musicians’ mission is to use the power of their music to manifest this positive change. Uprising Roots is no ordinary band as they occupies the “Upper room” of reggae music and is dubbed as The “Element of Surprise

“Winston Bowen“.

“Winston Bowen“ has been recording and touring for 40 years. He was a member of Lloyd Parks' We The People and 809 bands and has toured with a number of artistes including Dennis Brown, Luciano and U Roy.


“Kush” Rashawn McAnuff (Drums/Lead vocal), was born into a musical family his father being the legendary Winston ‘Electric Dread’ McAnuff and his Uncle Dave ‘Makkaruffin’ McAnuff a professional drummer in his right. Kush started rehearsing with his Father’s band “Black Kush” while learning his skills by observing some of the best in the business, such as Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace, Sly Dunbar and Carlton Barrett. Kush has recorded and toured extensively with the “Inna De Yard all-stars” headed by musical director Earl “Chinna” Smith. Kush as the lead singer for the band is not your average drummer at all!

“Pot a Rice”

“Pot a Rice” Ruel Ashburn (Bass/Engineer/BV) started playing music at an early age at Mount Carmel revival church in St Andrew. His life was transformed at age twelve when he accompanied his Grandmother to convention and saw the church band spirited in action. His first interest was the drums, later moving on to learn the guitar, keyboard and eventually settling down with the bass. Inspired by the technique likewise simplicity of the legendary “Bagga Bass” on a visit to Tuff Gong studio with Earl ‘Chinna’ Smith. “Pot a Rice” is also the Engineer responsible for recording and mixing the bands’ debut album “Skyfiya” and has extend his mixing skills to other projects of his peers in the industry. He is CEO of his company Rice Field Productions.


“Akinsanya”, Lloyd Palmer (Dub Poet/Keyboard /BV). A humble son from the garden parish of St. Ann who grew up in the yam parish of Trelawny. With music being a part of the spiritual and social fabric of the Jamaican rural folks, he has continued in the tradition of his uncles and grandfather who sang and played music on their church band. Lloyd was exposed to music and it’s theory while being a student at the William Knibb Memorial High where he was on the schools’ choir. Akin started his musical journey into the reggae arena as a “Dub-Poet”, gaining his motivation and inspiration from some of Jamaica's greats; Virtuoso Jackie Mittoo, Robbie Lyn, Linton “Kwesi” Johnson and Mutabaruka in nurturing, honing and fusing his artistic talents. Akin was propelled into exploring the tenets of the Keyboards after experiencing unprofessionalism and short coming in bringing his art form to reality and satisfaction. “Akinsanya” being a ‘Dub-poet” brings another ingredient into the musical mix of potent roots music.

“Junior Congo”

“Junior Congo” Joseph Sutherland (Percussionist/BV)) started out as a Nyabinghi drummer,
“Kush” on his musical journey met percussionist “Junior Congo” and it was decided to add some extra spice to the blend by bringing him into the band and since working
with The Uprising Roots has been experimenting “outside of the drum” with various instruments, pot covers and whatever percussive he can get his hands on.


Kimberlyn Goldson

“Gimberlyn Goldson“( keyboard / backing vocals)

The Uprising roots is honoured to have some living legends of the Jamaican music industry as part of our ensemble, imparting their knowledge and skills as we move forward. These are respectively the pillars of reggae music,
“Bopee” Winston Bowen, guitarist extraordinaire, international session guitarist whom play with the likes of the great jamaican artist like Dennis Brown, Luciano and Beres Hammond just to name a few. He also produces records on his label Jobes Hill Records. He has played in groups with the likes of Dean Fraser, The Roots Radics, The 809 Band and The Aggrovators for number of years. He was also a member of the Taxi Gang Band Aggregation led by Grammy winners Sly & Robbie who went on the Taxi Connection European Tour in with international reggae artists such as Yellow Man, Bunny Wailer and I Jah Man Levi. Veteran musician with many skills as songwriter, percussionist, arranger, vocal and producer. In the many number one hits he has played on “Money In My Pocket” Dennis Brown, “Ballistic Affair” Leroy Smart, “Yaho Yaho” The Jays.

Conceptualized on 1st January 2006 the band core members met by jamming as musicians playing together “Inna de Yard”. “Kush” recalls seeing Earl “Chinna” Smith, a friend of his father Winston McAnuff, a fellow veteran Musician ,that introduced him to Pot a Rice. Chinna said “si yuh drummer deh” a “Rice” had been looking for a drummer to work with. This gave birth to the initial seasoning of Drum and Bass been infused together Uprising style. Another veteran in the business that was influential on the band is Sugar Minott as It was at his studio that a lot of the early practice and rehearsals took place. It was here that they would meet to rehearse and from here the start of their performing together on shows with Sugar Minott. UR has Played on various artistes albums locally and internationally including; Gyptian, Lutan Fyah, Warrior King, Midnites’(Kings Bell), Nyorah, Ras Zacharri, Dax Lion, lenn Hammond’s Raw Soul. UR has release their debut album “SKYFIYA” on their TRU MUSIK RECORDS label which is distributed online by Zojak and is available on all major online distribution world wide (Itunes, Amazon). UR, has signed a distribution deal with VP Records for their 2011 album Skyfya. “BLACK TO ROOTS” is the 1st single from the bands up coming album set to be release in ‘14.

The Uprising Roots Band suffered a tragic and dramatic loss in June 21st 2011 as our headquarters crumbled to ashes after a fire. Our camp was where the band called home and worked many long hours on our craft. Here is where we also recorded our first full-length album Skyfiya. There are many memories embedded in each square foot of the property. The loss though, will not stop the group from putting out good music as we have started to recorded their 2nd album at Tuff Gong Recording studios. Although this fire was a setback for us it will take some time to rebuild and recover from this loss - but we will recover, and continue to make good reggae, roots music.




1a. Reggae Jam
-One of the up and coming Jamaican bands is uprising roots. In their appearance on Saturday afternoon the large banner behind the stage had been removed already, to provide no sail to the wind. Despite the somewhat adverse conditions, have the musicians after one or two pieces eingegroovt and have created a show on the stage, which recalled due to their musical liveliness Funk bands like about Sly & the family stone. Dicography anyway, but with many references to funk and soul. Similar to when it was to Meta & the corner tones on Sunday. Also here, roots, rock, reggae was celebrated and relaxed.Author: Karsten of Irieites.de

1b. Hats…. I mean umbrellas off to this year’s performers Jamaican and non-Jamaican alike, who despite the nasty weather gave over the top performances and kept the energy level way up. Notable mentions like Uprising Roots provided authentic sounds of roots reggae, sang old and new hits from their albums including from their latest album Black To I Roots we hear Trenchtown. Massive shout out to this band and to the audience who not only endured the cold rain and vicious wind during the performance but danced to their music as if they had no care in the world. Author Loriquast
Read more: http://jamaicans.com/dancing-in-the-eye-of-the-storm-reggae-jam-germany-2015-review/#ixzz3ijY6PJUC

2. Reggae Geel
-There was Friday night around half past six but a handful of people to the main stage for the opening act, and that was a pity. The young band Uprising Roots played one of the best concerts of the weekend, with powerful, beautifully arranged songs, alternately singing and dub poetry, and a star role for veteran guitarist Winston ' Bopee ' Bowen. The music and the look of Uprising Roots recall the golden years of the great reggae bands, Third World, Steel Pulse, Burning Spear, Bob Marley The Wailers & ... Groups that no riddims played but full-fledged compositions. Uprising Roots adds another 35 years reggae and Dancehall history to it and thus creates, more so than Raging Fyah, a new, contemporary roots sound. Next year a few places higher on the poster? Author Jah shakespear, natty bouy

3. SunSka
-The vast majority of the Reggae Sun Ska audience lies at this hour still in his tent or camionette and we can blame them in this weather. Unfortunately, therefore also the however great The Uprising Roots Band for an almost empty wei play. The Jamaican band originally started as a backing band, but soon took Kush McAnuff (son of Winston McAnuff who we saw here yesterday already working) the helm as the lead singer and the rest is history. We are witnessing an authentic set that thanks to the well-oiled vocalists and musicians verword to an intimate and special moment. Author natty bouy http://www.reggae.be/index.php?id=16&tx_news_pi1[news]=3581&tx_news_pi1[controller]=News&tx_news_pi1[action]=detail&cHash=e0bfc41f8c4e463d6373254efd79a742

4. Rototom
Second on stage was the band that represented to me the absolute surprise of the Festival, the Uprising Roots. Playing with no lead singer, the centre of the stage was left to a picture of Rastafari leaning on the drums with the drummer and the keyboard player sharing the singing part of the show. Their sound was pure roots, powerful and organic, the kind of sound only a proper band can put up and brought us back to the 70s – 80s reggae sound reminding us a little bit of the mighty Black Uhuru with a more poetic sound. Their show reached its peak on tunes like Skyfia, Trench Town, Time and Black To I Roots, our personal highlight of the show.


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-Rebell Salute 2016 Jamaika

-Rototom Reggae Sunsplash 2015 Spain

-Reggae Sun Ska 2015 France

-Reggae Geel 2015 Belgieum

-Reggae Jam 2015 Germany


-Dis Poem Word Festival and more, at West Campus of the CASE, Port Antonio, Jamaica ’12/13

-Western Counsciousness at Paradise Park, Savanna La Mar,
Jamaica ’11/12/13

-Skyfiya Tour, California, New York, Texas, USA ’12/13
-JARIA Jamaica’s Reggae Month Celebrations, Kingston,
Jamaica “11/’12

-Bob Marley Tribute by Digicel, Emancipation park Kingston,
Jamaica ‘11/12

-The Iration Ites - Vinyl Series, at Tuff Gong Studios, Kingston,
Jamaica ’11

-Touring Band for Gyptian, Nitty Kutchie, Marlon Asher, Suriname ‘08

-Touring Band for Gyptian, Barbados ’08

-Backing band for Black My Story, Jamaica ’08

-Touring Band for Gyptian, Suriname/Turk and Caicos Islands ’07

-Touring Band for Gyptian “Three Country Tour”, Martinique, French

-Guyana, Guadeloupe ’07

-Caribbean Cultural festival, Nassau, Bahamas ’06

-Backing Band for Sugar Minott and friends at “Reggae In The Hills”, Spanish Town, Jamaica ’06






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